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The Journey

A landscape photographer's tour
London to Seattle

Keith's travels in the Pacific Northwest - September-October 2007

Flying out to Seattle at the start of a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest.

Although the 'real' pictures start in following day's pages, I was struck by the quality of the photos I was able to get from the plane window as we flew over Greenland and parts of the US.

The weather isn't at its best this time of the year, but I do enjoy driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, and particularly the Oregon coast. These pages will have a few of my pictures along the way. I'm not on my own this time so I'll probably not be keeping quite the detailed notes I usually do... :-)

Karen shoppingOk, just travelling today...

Flying out to Seattle via Chicago, so the first leg of the trip went over the tip of Greenland

However, before even getting on the the plane I discovered new parts of the Heathrow departure lounge

Here's Karen (who I'm travelling with this time) checking out the duty free...

Anyway, having stocked up with Malt Whisky for the trip, off we went...

What you can see of Greenland, looks pretty mountainous.

greenland ice fieldsgreenland fjords

This from 40,000 feet

While there was plenty of room on the flight to Chicago, the one to Seattle was pretty packed

crowded plane

However, it was clear most of the way across the States, and we managed to get photos of one of my favourite mountain ranges (from 38,000 feet).

teton overview

The mountains to the right of Jackson lake are the Tetons.

Why one of my favourite mountain chains? From the ground they look like this

teton glimpse

I was going to use a less cloudy example, but since I've only got the pictures on my laptop, this will have to do ;-)

tetons, bend in river

Here's a slightly better view, giving a feel for the topography of the area

tetons and jackson lake

Finally there's this view of the 'back' of the Tetons for my friend Vicky, who's only seen them from the front (the side with the pointy bits)

tetons - rear view

So on to Seattle, crossing numerous hilly bits, and these two river valleys, that could be straight out of a geomorphology textbook.

mature river valleyyoung river valley

Near to Seattle, there's this rather excellent volcano.

Mt. Rainier at ~14,000 feet is impressive. Note the other volcanoes in the distance (Mt. St Helens to the right)

Mt rainier

A quick flight over Seattle

seattle from the air

And a look down towards Tacoma, with that huge volcano in the background (it will make a big mess of this area when it goes off)

puget sound

That's it for today, since it's been a long one

Just to finish off, here's the car parked outside the motel...

mustang convertable

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