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The Journey

A landscape photographer's tour
Seattle and returning to the UK

Keith's travels in the Pacific Northwest - September-October 2007

A few days in Seattle finishes of this particular journey. If you're visiting, I can particularly recommend the underground tour.

Probably the last days pics today - unless I get some more good ones on the flight home

Another day in Seattle - this is the view from Al's place in Kirkland, as the first dawn light catches the Seattle skyline.

dawn at seattle

A few shots around the city.

touch of fall colour in seattle

escalator in seattle

The basement cafe which inspired the cafe in 'Frasier'

Cafe in seattle

Quite steeply sloping streets (the Smith Tower)

Smith tower, Seattle

If you are spending any time here, it's well worth going on the underground tour

seattle underground tour

To the left is the original ground floor of a building, to the right, a retaining wall where the road level was built up, above is the current sidewalk (pavement). What you see as the ground floors in buildings in this area are actually the first floors (or second floor as it is known in the US)

A really good 90 minute tour, where you learn just how avaricious and unscrupulous the people who created Seattle were :-)

That's it for general touring now, so I hope people have enjoyed the pictures!


On the 10th we went shopping and I didn't even take a camera with me :-)

On the 11th we flew back - I've added a couple of shots here, but it was mostly cloudy. The plane had fuel problems so the flight from Chicago to London was diverted to New York for repairs. Due to bad weather we were delayed and had to fly round the most spectacular thunderstorms I've ever seen from the air (over Boston) - unfortunately no pics :-(

Seattle from the air

Coming in to Chicago, I noticed the shadow of the plane on the clouds, surrounded by rainbows of coloured rings from light reflected from within water droplets in the clouds. The centre of the rings shows where I was sitting in the plane...

Airplane shadow on clouds and rainbow halo

END of TRIP :-(

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