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The Journey

UK break - NE coast of England and Scotland

Keith heads off North - September 2009

A short travel photo blog of a trip up the NE side of the UK

Heading North/East from Leicester towards the Yorkshire coast. A few hours drive from home on a scenic route including a trip over the North York Moors.

I've never been to Whitby before, and wasn't expecting it to be packed full of holidaying visitors...

It's a great old town, full of famous things, but when weighed down with the great British Public, I start wishing for emptier parts :-)

An English holiday outing

Absolutely packed - Tat everywhere, but excellent seafood

Seafood and fortune telling

The masses...

the masses on holiday at home in england

All the fun of the seaside - learn your future at the same time.

seaside fortune telling

Then there is the famous Magpie Cafe.

Supposedly one of the top places to get fish and chips. The queue up the steps is for the restaurant, expect a long wait.

queue at magpie cafe in whitby

Here's the queue that evening...

fish and chips in whitby

However, outside one chip shop is this somewhat bizzarre advert for chips (that's fries for US visitors)

Mr Chips - whitby

Not sure what it's trying to achieve, but I can imagine it scares kids away from eating chips.

However, there is something special about eating fish and chips by the seaside

couple eating fish and chips at whitby

And you can follow it with ice cream...

ice cream van - whitby

Everywhere watched over by seagulls

seagull on roof top - whitby

Fortunately most of the crowds seem to keep to a few streets

one way?

Whitby has been a major fishing port for many years.

river and harbour at whitby

The view at sunset, of the statue of Captain Cook, with Whitby Abbey on the cliffs at the other side of the river.

Captain Cook memorial at sunset - whitby

Quite a pleasant end to the day

sunset at whitby - calm sea

A couple of shots of the harbour at night.

night time view whitby harbour

Looking south (the bright 'star' visible is Jupiter)

night time view, south shore whitby harbour

Tomorrow, a day in Whitby

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