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The Journey

A landscape photographer's tour

Keith's travels in the Colorado Rockies - September-October 2008

Durango to Gunnison via Creede

Travelling East along US160 and then up CO149 through Creede and Lake City to Gunnison

Clear blue skies are not usually my favourite photographic conditions, but they made for a a nice journey today.

Heading east out of Durango along US160 is a nice journey. The picture below is along Wolf Creek, heading towards the pass.

wolf creek

The rocks are volcanic in this area, giving this distinctive weathering style.

Indian head

The map shows the area we covered today.

View Larger Map

In fact, the lump of rock to the right of the picture above is right in the middle of the one below.

view along wolf creek

rocks at wolf creek

Still many aspens holding on to their leaves

aspen leaves-aspen leaves 2

There is no shortage of helpful road signs in the US - we were wondering why the road vanished into the dark hole in the rocks.

road tunnel

We stopped off in Creede for lunch.

creede street

I can certainly recommend the Cafe Ole - best BLT sandwich I've had for a long while :-|)

cafe ole creede

Afterwards we headed off towards Gunnison

co149 towards powderhorn

Whilst I like the colours, I'd prefer to see lots of interesting cloud for black and white shots

This was a similar view last time I was going along this road

powderhorn, along co149

The Gunnison Sonic is being rebuilt

gunnison sonic

This is what it looked like last time I was here (note more interesting clouds too!)

old sonic

Anyway, I just fancied a good cup of tea, and was able to get one at a local coffee shop.

tea at the bean

And in a bit of experimentation, it seems that the GX200 really does focus down to 1cm (top is from Karen's fizzy drink :-)

bottle top

We're staying in Gunnison for a couple of days

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