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The Journey

A landscape photographer's tour

Keith's travels in the Colorado Rockies - September-October 2008

Ouray to Durango via Silverton

Along the million dollar highway

The road (US 550) rises sharply out of Ouray

ouray overlook

You can see it's in a quite steep valley

us 550 - million dollar highway

After a few miles of this it flattens out, but not before Karen likened it more to a rollercoaster ride (and I was driving carefully ;-) I guess sometimes it's better to actually be at the wheel of the car

A stream further up shows one of the big problems in this mineral rich area.

Pollution from mine workings has stained the river brown. There are lots of special ponds and filtering beds to improve this, but over a hundred years of mineral extraction has left problems.

pollution from mining

This small lake, is I believe, part of the clean-up scheme (and water storage too)

lake in the mountains US 550

The wider view below was taken with the Canon 15mm fisheye lens. Note its resistance to flare and the fact that by keeping the horizon through the centre of the (original) frame, there is little obvious distortion

mountain lke

On to Silverton, which had a distinctly empty feel when we first got there

silverton main street

In a nearby hillside, you can see evidence of mining

mine workings

Then the train from Durango arrives.

It's a narrow gauge steam railway that takes a few hours to wind its way up through the mountains from Durango. It then turns round, waits a while and goes back.

481 arrives at Silverton

A very scenic ride I'm told

no. 481

Today also happened to be the paricular day that children from Silverton Kindergarten welcome the arrival of the train (note minder/handler in dark shades to the right :-)

silverton welcome

A few more shots of the train for several folks back home :-)

No.481 at silverton

engine no.481 - durango and silverton railroad

loco and tender 481 durango and silverton

As the train emptied, the local shops readied themselves to supply gifts and trinkets for the journey back down from the mountains.

silverton cross emporium

With all kinds of enticements to get shoppers inside

warm stove inside

No pies though...

no pies silverton

The journey down towards Durango had lots of views of nicely coloured trees...

lake and mountains

Durango itself is rather a nice looking town.

Karen is checking that I've put enough money into the parking meter, since there is a bead shop over the other side of the road.

durango parking meter

A pleasant main street

durango main street

With some relatively old buildings

durango street corner

Tommorow it's off again... I've now got to think of places to go on the way back towards Denver (where we may stay a couple of days)

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