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The Journey

tea at the airportA landscape photographer's tour

Keith's travels in Colorado - April-May 2006

  • In 2004 I took my then fairly new Canon 1Ds camera on a driving tour round the Rockies in the USA. This photo-diary covers my second driving trip around Colorado in April/May 2006. This collection of photography and comments has been re-written to make it easier to follow than the original (big) web page. On my return to the UK, I wrote a more technical article about the photographic aspects as a follow up to my original "Keith's first all digital visit to the Rockies"

Travelling out from the UK

First of all, my flight was cancelled -- it seems the plane never even got over from the US yesterday.

Not too bad apart from the fact I'd got up at 3am to get to Heathrow...

Since I'm not wandering round the airport with a camera, we'll have to go with this example taken with my camera phone.

Quite possibly the worst technical quality image on this site, but inspired by This one taken a couple of years ago in Leadville, CO.

I'm in a motel near Denver Airport, and it was time to check that all the kit was in order.

assorted photographic equipment

As you can see, the 24mm T/S lens has also made it along.

So the eqpt list is Canon 1Ds, 16-35 2.8L, 24 T/S 3.5L, 24-70 2.8L, 70-200 2.8L

Oops, I seem to have forgotten to bring a tripod ;-)

Fortunately there is wireless access here, but the signal strength is a bit low in my room.

Keith in the corridor

But there's a much better signal in the corridor :-)

Tomorrow - head west into the Rockies

27th April>>28th April>>29th April>>30th April>>1st May>>2nd May>>3rd May>>4th May>>5th May>>6th May>>7th May>>8th May>>9th May>>10th May

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