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The Journey

A landscape photographer's tour
San Francisco to Jenner, CA

Keith's travels in California and the Pacific Northwest - April-May 2007

This photo-diary covers a driving trip up the coast from San Francisco in April/May 2007 along the Pacific highway. Now I've returned, I've included some of my travel photography from this trip in the main Gallery, and updated any info that may be of help to people who come across these pages as part of their planning for driving tours of the California and Oregon coasts, looking for places to stay or sites to visit. It's a great place for a vacation, or just a road trip up the Pacific coast to photograph some of the scenery. If you've any questions about the hotels/inns/motels where I stayed, then please do feel free to drop me a line.

The morning started off a bit cool and damp.

My car is the one to the left - not quite the barge I had in Colorado, but sporty -not-

Note the palms :-)

motel car park

The car has a GPS navigation system, which turned out to be rather useful when I decided to drive into San Francisco and took a couple of wrong turns.

Anyway, heading up towards the Golden Gate bridge, there's lots of small houses. Quite distinctive and not like any other US city I've visited.

san francisco houses

Eventually the bridge is sighted, along with a sign pointing out there is no toll to leave the city :-)

golden gate bridge approach

And another shot from the car (use a very wide lens -16mm- and crop heavily)

on the golden gat bridge

On the other side of the bridge, there's a visitor area, so this next picture must be in a lot of people's holiday albums :-)

looking back over the golden gate bridge

Time to pull out the very wide angle (15mm) and crop to get another nice view of San Francisco from a distance

sf and gg

Here's Alcatraz


And SF

san fran skyline

Then it's off up Highway 1, the coast road - with the Pacific in view

pacific road

Interesting trees - don't know what they are, but they have lots of peeling bark

hwy 1 trees

Enough of this - time for a Latte in Point Reyes Station.


See that luminous green shape in the background - sorry madam, lime green is not your colour... :-)

Then a quick visit to Marty Knapp (right) and his excellent black and white landscape prints (from film)

marty knapp

Off up highway 1

pacific drive

Feeling a bit hot I think of a swim, however...

shark warning

and add to that, this warning

don't swim

So, reluctantly, I decided -not- to go for a swim

And yet another shot of the Pacific - this time with roadworks


Here's a very wide angle shot of a great beach.

  • The Canon EF 15mm lens I've used is probably one of the most resistant to flare that I've got. My 16-35 would have some lovely coloured patches diagonally opposite to the sun.

beach view

And for those at home wanting a picture of me by the Pacific...

feet by the pacifix

Here's yet another great beach -- I was stopped on one and asked (by the lifeguard) if I was a professional photographer? It seems you need a permit to take pictures to sell.

So if anyone ever wants a picture I took in this area, then I'm afraid they are not for sale in California for 'legal' reasons ;-)

pacific coast

Meanwhile here's a starfish and anemone on a rock, waiting for the tide to come back in.

starfish and anemone

More beaches - are you getting a feel for today's journey? :-)

driving by the beach

The following three shots are from a sequence I took of three pelicans that flew in to a beach, then along the crest of a breaking wave.

3 pelicans

As the wave started to break the wheeled off and back out to sea


3 pelicans

Next is where I almost managed to get my feet wet...

The shot is with a 15mm fisheye lens - if you are using one and don't want the fisheye effect to leap out (such as the pictures of my feet earlier) then make sure the horizon is exactly along the midline of the picture. This is not normally the place you want to have the horizon, so a bit more care with composition may be needed...


This evening I'm staying in Jenner at the Jenner Inn fact I'm staying at a house just up the road (here it is from across the Russian River)

heron room - jenner, california

Flowers in the garden...


and a hot tub in the front...

hot tub - jenner

and a very nice view from my room...

room at jenner inn

and a rather nice restaurant to boot...


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